SSI SCHAEFER KDR Live Carton Storage


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  • High density of picking locations
  • Can be used with pick to light
  • Can be used with conveyors
  • First in first out (FIFO) case and piece picking.


The purpose of live storage beds is to reduce operative movement in the warehouse and to increase picks per hour by using picking zones. The flow beds can be adjusted to allow adaption to the width and depth. Easy handling is ensured by angled flow bed chutes, guide rails and roller tracks.

Live storage systems are a great way to add more efficiency to your distribution. Using these shelves, your staff may order pick directly out of packages or totes. By shortening the routes, you will lower the burden on your workforce and speed up the processes at the same time. As the shelves are refilled from the rear, there is no interference between feeding and order picking.


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