SSI SCHAEFER Multi-Tier Storage System


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  • Planning, consulting, design and assembly all from one source
  • Many years of experience based on a large number of projects
  • System can be expanded with the relevant planning
  • Quality steel and high quality workmanship
  • Calculations conforming to DIN, FEM and BGR 23


Would you like to create additional space right up to the ceiling? Then use the multi-storey systems from SSI SCHAEFER. Our platform systems grow in line with your needs, which means that single-storey systems can be extended by using our patented splices. All racking systems may be vertically extended to meet future demands with onsite assembly without any welding.

A multitier storage facility means each level is a mirror image of the ground floor layout, walkways are only fitted between the racks using the racking posts to provide the strength and rigidity of the installation. These are cost-effective designs.


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